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Doggy kennels


Welcome to our page dedicated to our doggy day kennels! We have had many different breeds ranging from the little toy dogs to the larger sporting and working breeds. Although Tobermory is a very dog friendly town, we offer you self-serve kennels in case you planned activities where your pet cannot accompany you. Our facility include professional galvanized self-serve kennels assembled on solid flooring. This ensures a safe and clean environment for your pet while you are away. You are welcome to bring a blanket or toys to make your pet more comfortable. Kennel hours are from 9 AM to 8 PM for a rate of $30 per kennel.

For your pets comfort and safety certain breed restrictions are in place. Pit bulls, pit bull mixes, or dogs that resemble pit bulls are not permitted in the park or the kennels. German Shepherds and huskies or dogs mixed with either of these breeds, although welcome to come and camp with you, are also not permitted in the kennels. We request that only quiet, super friendly and well behaved family pets be considered. Dogs with separation anxiety or other fears and/or barking or excessive whining habits are requested to be allowed to remain with their owners.

We provide doggie kennels for pets camping at our facility only.

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