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Park Pass:
Your Park Pass must be visible on the rear view mirror of your vehicle at all times.

Check-in/Check-out times:
Campsites check-in: anytime between 1PM and 10:30PM, check-out before 11AM.
Cabins and Glamping Pods check-in: anytime between 3PM and 10:30PM, check-out before 10AM.
Late check-out fee applies.

One family (2 adults and their children) or one couple (2 adults) per campsite. Singles under 21 are only permitted to camp with their parents. One vehicle per campsite. Campsites, glamping pods and cabins must be left in clean and orderly condition.

Day Visitors:
Day visitors to registered guests are welcome and must check-in at the office before entering the park. Day use fees apply and visitors must leave before 10PM.

We are a quiet family campground. Quiet couples are also welcome. No outside music at any time. Voices must be down to a whisper between 11PM – 7AM . Fireworks are not permitted at any time. No loud motorcycles at any time. No generators at any time.

Radio Free:
We are a radio free park. This means no outside music of any kind including cell phones, boom boxes, outdoor movies, radios and stereos without the use of head phones.

Flood Lights:
Please don’t use flood lights for your campsite after 10PM.

Picnic Table:
One picnic table per campsite. Picnic tables are not to be taken from other campsites. If additional tables are required, please notify the office.

Swimming Pool & Splash Pad:
The swimming pool and splash pad are unsupervised. Use at your own risk. Please observe all rules posted in the designated areas.

Camp Zoo:
Please observe the rules posted at the Camp Zoo. Use at your own risk.

The park is night patrolled. The gate to enter the park is closed from 10:30PM to 8AM. The exit gate is open 24 hours.

Alcoholic Beverages:
You are allowed to have alcohol on your own campsite only. No open/visible alcohol. Drug use, drunkenness or rowdy behavior will not be tolerated. Teenagers and young adults: Please do not consume alcohol at any time or wander around the campground after 11PM.

Please recycle and bag your garbage before placing it in the garbage containers. This is bear and racoon country - don't leave your garbage on your campsite.

Speed limit:
Children are playing in the campground! Speed limit 10 k.p.h.

Trees & Wildlife:
Do not destroy wildlife, trees or damage property. Please do not pick up, gather, or remove any natural artifacts including firewood. Do not cut branches or peel bark off dead or alive trees.

Firewood for use in our park and fire starters may be purchased in the campground store. Wood transported from other areas may harbor pests that will destroy our trees and must not be brought into the campground. Please keep your fire in the fire pit and do not leave your campfire unattended. The fire must be extinguished before you go to bed. Please keep your fire pit clean from glass, cans and tinfoil.

Well behaved pets are welcome. No pit bulls, pit bull mixes or dogs that resemble pit bulls. Pets must be leashed, cleaned up after, and kept quiet at all times. Dogs are not allowed in any campground building including showers. Some of our cabins/glamping pods allow dogs (must be noted on reservation). Cats are not allowed in cabins or glamping pods. Do not leave your pet alone.

Any violations should be reported to the office immediately.
Campground management reserves the right to request a security deposit for groups at check-in.

No refund after check-in. No rate adjustments for early departures, late arrivals, temporary interruptions in services and/or facilities and/or amenities, and no rate adjustments for rainy days :) This is not an all-inclusive list.

Park personnel have the right to refuse service or expel anyone
for the violation of any park rules under the Provincial Trespass to Property Act with no refund.

The owners and staff of Tobermory Village Campground do not accept liability for injury of any kind resulting from the use of the grounds and facilities of the park, nor do they accept responsibility for the damage or loss of personal property brought into the park.