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Charles P. Minch shipwreck

The Charles P. Minch was a three-masted-schonner and built in Vermilion, Ohio in 1867 by Isaac W. Nicholas.
The length of the ship was 47.2m (154.7ft) and the remains lay between 6 and 16 m (20 to 50 ft) deep.
The ship had been driven onto the rocks in October 1898. The wreck is spread over Tecumseh Cove, Cove Island. The main wreckage is found close to shore near the head of the cove. Look for the portions of two rudders. The one situated west of the inner mooring buoy is likely from the schooner Tecumseh, wich was wrecked in the area in 1882. The Tecumseh was 33.8m (111ft) long.
The shipwreck's location is number 13 on the dive site location map.


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