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Come & enjoy a season in Tobermory ...


... at Tobermory Village Campground. We have large shaded or sunny seasonal campsites. The number and selection available depends on how many sites are already rented, and who is returning for the next season. If you are considering seasonal camping at Tobermory Village Campground, we suggest you visit our park to see what we have to offer and to choose one of the available sites.

Seasonal camping starts in the spring on the first Friday in May and lasts all summer long. The camping season ends in the fall after the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday in October. Seasonal camping is convenient and hassle free; once you are set up you are ready for the season. You can use your site as much as you like and you will not have to worry about trying to find a campsite during peak times or on busy holiday weekends. If you renew your seasonal campsite for the following year you can have your trailer winterized and stored right on your campsite.

The seasonal rate is for an individual family (2 adults or 2 adults and their children living at home) and for recreational purposes only. A seasonal trailer brought into the park cannot be older than 10 years. You must agree to our campground rules and are required to sign a License Agreement for your campsite. If you renew your seasonal agreement for the following year, a non-refundable deposit must be paid in the current year for the following year. The balance of the seasonal fee is due on or before May 1st.

Please visit us or contact us by e-mail for any remaining questions you may have regarding seasonal camping.

The seasonal rate for 2024 is $3400.00 plus tax. Electricity is billed separately according to your usage.