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Bruce Peninsula National Park Trails


Cyprus Lake Road is 8 km south of us off Highway 6.
From Highway 6 you turn into Cyprus Lake Road and drive up to the Cyprus Lake Office.
Past the office you can drive up to the parking lot and hike from the Head of Trails
which is a few steps away from the parking lot.

Parking space at the Grotto is limited - book your time slot ahead of time.

The time slots are each 4 hours.
For more information on Grotto parking and reserving your time slot, click on this link:
Bruce Peninsula National Park - Grotto parking


Georgian Bay Trail - 1 km to Georgian Bay shore and direct trail to the Grotto

Marr Lake Trail - 1 km to Georgian Bay shore, has rugged sections

Horse Lake Trail - 1 km to Georgian Bay shore

Cyprus Lake Trail - 5 km easy walk around Cyprus Lake

Bruce Trail - generally rugged

The following pictures were taken on the Georgian Bay Trail

Cyprus Lake

The cool clear turqoise water ...

.. of the Georgian Bay

... stunning views ...

Indian Head Cove

View down to the Grotto

... down the hole it goes ...

... crystal clear water to touch ...

... inside the Grotto


More hiking trails:

Emmet Lake Road to Halfway Log Dump

Bruce Trail

Burnt Point Loop Trail

Singing Sands Trail

Flower Pot Island

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