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Bruce Trail


The Bruce trail follows the edge of the Niagara Escarpment from the Niagara River,
not far from Niagara Falls, all the way to Tobermory!
Over all, it is almost 900 km long. The area from Half Way Log Dump to Tobermory
is the most remote and among the most scenic parts of the Bruce Trail.
This last stretch of the Bruce Trail with interesting flora, fauna and geology
makes for breathtaking views overlooking white cliffs and deep blue waters.

Access to the Bruce Trail is possible in town past the Visitor Center, on Dunks Bay Road and Little Cove Road.

Tobermory to Little Cove - easy to moderate - 6 km.
Little Cove to the National Park (Cyprus Lake area) - moderate to strenuous - 14 km.
National Park (Cyprus Lake area) to Halfway Log Dump (Emmett Lake) - strenuous to difficult - 6 km

This monument in the Tobermory harbour marks
the northern end of the Bruce Trail


The trail close to the Visitor Center


... views along the Bruce Trail ...


A must stop along the Bruce Trail - the Grotto


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