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Flower Pot Island
Trail map and pictures

Flowerpot Island is a MUST while you are vacationing in Tobermory.
The boat cruise aboard the Glass Bottom boats is an exciting experience
and hiking on Flowerpot Island is beautiful.
Depending on how much time you have there are different trails you can hike.


Distances from Beachy Cove where you will be dropped off by the tourboat:

1 1/2 to 2 hours - flowerpots, cave and back - round trip 1.7 km

2 to 3 hours - flowerpots, cave, light station and back - round trip 3.1 km

3 to 4 hours - Loop trail along the flowerpots, cave, light station and light tower- 3.5 km

There are no shops or restaurants on the island - take a picnic and drinking water along.

Washrooms are available.


Glassbottom Boat Tour Pictures


Free shuttle bus from the campground to the boat


The "Blue Heron" glassbottom boat


Bruce Anchor cruises at Flowerpot Island


One of the flowerpot rock pillars


"Bruce Anchor Cruises" glassbottom boat


Cruising along...



Flowerpot Island pictures


Beautiful hiking trails....


... on the island


... through the woods ...


... past the cave ...


... by the lightkeeper's house ...


... to the light station



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